AE Link: Lightwave to After Effects export

Need to export Lightwave cameras, lights and nulls to After Effects projects? AE Link is the pixel-perfect “one click” solution that just works.

Lightwave to After Effects Exporter - Import Camera, Nulls, Lights

Lightwave to After Effects in one click

AE Link is a Lightwave plugin that makes a breeze of exporting Cameras, Nulls, Lights and rendered sequences from Lightwave to After Effects.

You don't even have to import anything into After Effects. The innovative, non destructive, workflow ensures that what you do in Lightwave is mirrored in After Effects. Even complex scenes update in near real time.

"So glad we found this. It worked great on a PC, Lightwave 10.1 and
After Effects CS5. It will be a life saver."
Art Holden, Presenter Media Inc.

Key Features and Benefits — It would be hard to make it easier

  • Current AE Link version works with Lightwave 11.0.3 and higher but not including Lightwave 2018 as well as all After Effects releases from 7 Professional to CS3-CS6 and all CC releases up to CC2014. It fully supports Lightwave's dongle-less licensing system. Tested both on Windows and MacOS. Please note that Auto Sync does not work properly on OSX Mountain Lion (or higher OSX version) regardless of AE / LW versions. Everything else works properly on all platforms and software releases.
  • Save time and deliver on time — Keep changing your Lightwave animations and see them update in After Effects with just one click. No need to bake anything, unless you are using IK or some motion modifiers.
  • Reliable export — Name it: Hierarchies? Yes. Non-square pixels? Yes. Camera's focal length changes? Yes. AE Link is a battle-proven tool we used in countless productions. Its quaternion-based coordinate system converter ensures pixel perfect matches no matter how complex movements and orientations are.
  • Simple workflow — Spend more time creating, and no time copying, pasting or looking for files. With AE Link's non-destructive workflow Lightwave talks to After Effects, that's why there are only two buttons: Sync Scene and Sync Selected. By their names you already know how to use AE Link. It would be hard to make it easier.
  • Advanced features — AE Link's custom objects allow you to decide how Lightwave objects will appear in After Effects: as nulls, solids, or text layers. With or without motion blur. You can even use the motion from non-deforming object's vertices and turn all of them into solid or text layers. But, wait, for this to work you'll need two clicks.

System Requirements, Licensing and Details

  • Macintosh: Lightwave 3D 9.6.1 or higher. Cocoa plugin, works both in 32 and 64 bit. (Automatic Sync dos not work in Mountain Lion or higher, use Run Script instead.)
  • Windows: Lightwave 3D 9.6 or higher. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are provided.
  • Works with: After Effects 7 Pro, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS 5.5, CS6 and all CC releases
  • Licensing: AE Link licenses are tied to Lightwave's hardware lock id (aka dongle) or the new software lock id available in Lightwave 11.0.3 and higher up to 2015.x (not 2018). You'll be required to enter your lock id after purchase. Support article: how to generate licenses
  • Volume discounts and studio licenses: discounts are available and custom licensing can be arranged — see the "In-Depth" tab for more informations.
  • Details: AE Link is delivered as digital download only. Tech support is handled by our online trouble ticket system. Minor version upgrades are always free.

Workflow videos available in the "In-Depth" tab


Watch the videos in the "In-Depth" tab above. The longer video showcases the custom objects' workflow.

Custom objects allows to create and edit After Effects layers inside Lightwave.

Other videos are available, showing the pixel perfect matching, basic workflow and quick start.

To purchase AE Link use the Buy Now button below. The entire purchase and licensing system is automated, so you are just a minute away from using AE Link.

AELink Lightwave to After Effects Plugin Premium Content

This product includes: AELink plugin for Lightwave 3D, licensed for both MacOS and Windows. System requirements: Lightwave 9.6.1 or higher upto 2015.3 under MacOS; Lighwave 9.6 or higher upto 2015.3 under Windows. After Effects 7 Pro up to CC2014. (MAC only: Automatic Sync does not work on OSX Mountain Lion or higher, Manual Sync has no issues.) License is tied to a single Lightwave's product ID and a valid product ID is required (either software or hardware).

Price: € 115 (approx 126 USD) (VAT excluded) — VAT is not charged outside European Union