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Articulations in Virtual Instruments

By Susanna Quagliariello
Articulations in Virtual Instruments

This beginner's tutorial shows you the most common articulations and how they are used. The same instrument with a different articulation serves a different purpose!

This beginner's guide explains the basics of silhouette and why it's such an important tool both for storytelling and for keeping cost down.

Gamma Correction for a linear workflow

By Massimiliano Marras Comments: 6
Gamma Correction for a linear workflow

The basics of linear workflow in digital rendering, in a non software-specific "why to" tutorial. Yes, it deals with the theory: nevertheless, sometimes theory is useful.

Let's see how to model a complex perforated mesh in a few steps, using a simple trick. This is an expanded version of the tutorial originally posted on NewTek's forum.

This beginner's tutorial shows how to create an EcoSystem in Vue, controlling distribution with image maps.