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Accepted payment methods

PayPal is the preferred payment solution, but there are other options as well

What is VAT and who is VAT-exempt

VAT is a tax applied in European Union, customers from outside European Union are not charged VAT

License Key generation (Lightwave)

License Keys are generated online in real time. These are the instructions for Lightwave compatible products.

Having trouble logging in?

If you can't access your Dashboard, have a look at these tips - most of the time it's an easy fix.

Mission Statement (Oh My!)

Yes, this is the dreaded mission statement. But it's short and may help knowing us a bit better.

Privacy Statement

Your data is safe: vfxwizard.com adheres to European Union's strict privacy regulations. Learn more here.

License Agreement and Terms of Use

Products for sale on this site are subject to License Agreements and Terms of Service that you'll have to accept during checkout. You can review them here before purchase.

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