Timecode Calculator and Converter

A complete, free, cross platform time code converter and calculator based on Adobe® Air™'s framework.

At a glance: what is this timecode thing?

A simple, free, cross platform time code converter and calculator. It is based on Adobe® Air™ framework, so it works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

It has an unobtrusive custom chrome, and can handly be floated over your compositing or editing app for a quick computation.

This calculator can also be used to compute durations (i.e. In and Out points) by entering in slot B a value larger than the one in slot A. The difference field will then display the duration instead of a negative Timecode.

You don't have to remember anything about this calculator. No manuals to read, no help to be opened. A feature summary is always displayed in the custom chrome, just below the slots, and that's it.


This Time Code Calculator converts between formats and allows sums and subtractions between timecodes

Features of Timecode Converter

  • Convert between 24/25/29.97/30 fps timecodes
  • Pal, NTSC and drop frame support
  • Compute sum of timecodes, difference or duration
  • Freely enter full timecodes, absolute frames or partial timecodes (e.g. 1798, 7:15...)
  • Cross platform support: Mac, Windows, Linux

Update for Linux users: as of June 14th 2011, Adobe has discontinued support for the Linux framework. This Timecode Calculator should still work with the last released version of Adobe Air for Linux.

License terms

This is copyrighted freeware provided with absolutely no warranty. You are welcome to use it as you see fit, both for personal and commercial work. You can not sell, rent, lease, redistribute or modify it.

Please report any bug, issue or feature request in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Download and have fun!

This is an Adobe® Air™ application. If the framework is not already installed in your system, the download button below will install Adobe® Air™ as well.

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download your free timecode converter
Posted by Guest on Dec 28th, 2010


Hi, need to convert from frames (30fps) to smpte t/c


Reply from staff Hi, set the frame rate to 30 in Slot A, then enter the frame amount in the numeric field. Press enter and frames will be converted to timecode. Hope this helps!

Trouble Downloading
Posted by Guest on Jun 14th, 2011


Hi, I would love to download this converter, but even with all the right stuff installed I can't seem to get the download link with any web browsers?

Thanks for this!


Reply from staff Sorry, this issue seems to come and go. So far it seems to affect only Firefox. Please make sure you are running the latest Flash Player and if you are using Firefox update Flash Player every time Firefox tells you to do so. Hope this helps.


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