Feelm Advanced color corrector and de-interlacer

Feelm is a deinterlacer and film look plugin. It was developed in 1998 and released as a commercial color correction After Effects plugin in 2002. Feelm has been the first "film look" plugin and the first advanced de-interlacer.

De-Interlacer and Film Look for After Effects

At a glance: what is Feelm?

Feelm is a de-interlacer, de-artifacter and Film Look plugin. Feelm was developed by VFX Wizard srl as an in-house color correction tool to be used with Commotion Pro.

In 2002 a windows-only version of Feelm was released as a commercial plugin for After Effects and compatible hosts.

A new version of Feelm is due for commercial release. It has a much expanded feature set, and will work with After Effects CS5 or higher, including CC, both on Mac and Windows. The following is a short summary of Feelm's toolset in the last version that was publicly released (v1.1, 2003).

High quality progressive conversion

Feelm uses an unique de-interlacing method, designed to preserve diagonal lines. De-interlacing can be selectively performed on moving parts of the image, using a proprietary perceptual motion detection algorithm. Feelm can also be used to generate motion-based track and garbage mattes.

One-click analysis and correction of color and contrast

Employing the same tone mapping algorithms used to improve realism of 3D-rendered imagery, Feelm analyzes the video sequences and applies automatic color and contrast corrections.


From left to right: original footage, details mask, automatic color correction

In the example above, the flat greenish background has been brightened by a bloom that wraps around the actors. Again, this is an automatic process, with no need to rotoscope or create masks.

Of course computer-generated color corrections are never perfect, that's why there are many artist-friendly controls that allow to fine tune the resulting image.


The Gui for Feelm 2003

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