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After Effects Tone Mapper for 3D and HDR ImagesAfter Effects Tone Mapper for 3D and HDR Images

By Massimiliano Marras
Comments: 6

Baffled by the linear exposure control found in After Effects? Here you'll find a very simple tonemapping filter, that applies the well known Reinhard tone mapping curve.

Autodesk Acquires 3D CAD T-SplinesAutodesk Acquires 3D CAD T-Splines

T-Splines is a powerful subdivision surface plugin for the popular Rhino Nurbs modeler. Autodesk has just acquired this technology.

View Conference 2011View Conference 2011

ViewConference, held in Turn, Italy is a fast growing international computer graphics conference. Most of the lectures are in english and this 12th edition has some exciting world's premieres.

Faster Reflection Blurring in Lightwave - ResearchFaster Reflection Blurring in Lightwave - Research

By Massimiliano Marras
Comments: 2

This is an early preview of some code based on statistical variance for glossy reflections - in layman's terms: faster reflection blur

An Adaptive Skin tip for zBrush 3.5An Adaptive Skin tip for zBrush 3.5

By Daniele Angelozzi

A quick tip about Adaptive Skin in zBrush 3.5. Go figure: this is a tip about something's tip.

After Effects Audio Waveform DisplayAfter Effects Audio Waveform Display

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After Effects' audio waveform display seems always too small to understand what's going on. But a better display is just a click away!

DSLR Canon HDMI capture and Focusing RectangleDSLR Canon HDMI capture and Focusing Rectangle

By Massimiliano Marras
Comments: 5

A lot of video production is done with Canon's DSLRs. Would be nice to be able to capture uncompressed 4:2:2 from the HDMI port, but there's no way to turn off the focusing rectangle. Let's work around the issue.

Garageband's Virtual Instruments Cracks and DistortionsGarageband's Virtual Instruments Cracks and Distortions

By Susanna Quagliariello
Comments: 2

If Garageband does not play well with a virtual instrument, there may be an easy solution

Open GL crash on Acer 5920GOpen GL crash on Acer 5920G

By Susanna Quagliariello

If your application crashes when starting the OpenGL library, the solution may be easy

How NOT to make a Demo ReelHow NOT to make a Demo Reel

By Susanna Quagliariello

Ever wondered what makes or breaks a demo reel? More often than not the devil is in the details

Star Oohs - Make Virtual Choirs Sound BetterStar Oohs - Make Virtual Choirs Sound Better

By Susanna Quagliariello

Make virtual instruments sound more realistic: voices and choruses in lower end virtual instrument collections

Pal progressive chroma bugPal progressive chroma bug

Pal video shot progressive and compressed in DV or MPG produces nasty artifacts: these formats expect the data to be interlaced, not progressive.

Open and Closed framing - what's the difference?Open and Closed framing - what's the difference?

In framing for video as well as for 3D graphics, the picture margins play an important role

Okay, then, how bright is 100%?Okay, then, how bright is 100%?

How bright should a light be? Is 100% a sun or a streetlamp? Biased render engines can produce stunning results, but also be confusing sometimes.

Put Black on your Black ListPut Black on your Black List

By Massimiliano Marras

Black is classy, right? Right. But it's also evil, and will ruin your renders.

One Stop Vista SpeedupOne Stop Vista Speedup

If you are still running a 32bit operating system, 3D graphics and compositing applications will greatly benefit from a little known feature in Windows Vista: ReadyBoost.