Company and People

The company

Active since 1998 and incorporated in 2002, VFX Wizard srl is a digital post production consulting studio. It is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and sustaining member of SMPTE, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®.

VFX Wizard srl has a fully paid up registered capital of Euro 20,000 and its European Union VAT/VIES ID number is IT06977431003.

The Services

VFX Wizard srl main area of expertise are 3D Graphics and Digital Compositing custom software solutions, orchestral music for media and e-Learning systems.

VFX Wizard's softwares have been chosen by studios, universities and artists in 31 countries all over the world — from the United States to Japan. Among them there are winners of EMMY, VES, Golden Globe and BAFTA awards.

Inside Italy, VFX Wizard srl owns and operates ACD™, the first and most popular italian online school specializing in digital post production, music composition and 3D graphics.

The people

Mission statements are boring and no one reads them anyway. Get to know the people behind vfxwizard.com instead: we are pleased to meet you!


About Susanna Quagliariello

Susanna is VFX Wizard's executive officer. She holds a MS degree in Communications Science, is a published author, has a music academy diploma and a specialist certificate in film scoring. Her music has been distributed internationally. She is at ease with any keyboard: qwerty or midi. She's also the one ensuring projects are done on time and within the budget - that's why in the studio she's affectionately known as Severus Snape's long lost sister.


About Massimiliano Marras

Max is a published author, has been producing commercial 3D animation since 1989, and his softwares have been sold in 31 countries around the world. He has taught compositing and animation both online and in classrooms. Anybody who has seen Big Bang Theory refers to him as Sheldon — he thinks it's a fair comparisons but doesn't quite get why it's supposed to be funny.


About Fabio Lanzillotta

Fabio teaches Maya at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari. He loves character design with a strong preference towards cartoon characters. He has a BA in Fine Arts as well as a specialist diploma in theatre design and virtual scenography. He thinks rendering is overrated and would much prefer to hand paint every frame of his animations -at subpixel resolution, of course.


About Daniele Angelozzi

Daniele is one of the world's few Pixologic-certified zBrush instructors, he has a PhD in Biology, but his real passion is sculpting. He has developed concept art and models for games and video productions and has taught digital sculpting at the world renowned Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. He has always denied all rumors about his "I Love Wacom" tattoo.

other contributors

Other contributors

Daniel Platt, Mikael Dema, Denise Selis, Severine Macchi, Cristiana Morelli, Francesco Violini, Francesca Mastrogiacomo, Manuela Marazzi, Elena Giofrè, Fabio Cantile, Maria Teresa Di Bari, Giuliana D'Amore, Ludovica Falconi, Giada Gollini, Claudio Vitale, Tania Llavina, Gabriella Monti Steen, Valentina Framarin, Simone Guidi.

The place

VFX Wizard operates from Rome, in Via Andrea del Castagno 22/24/180, in the prestigious EUR business district, headquarter of many among Italy's largest companies and institutions – form Confindustria to Unicredit to Siemens.

The office is located inside an iconic multifunctional structure designed in the early 1980s to resemble a modern Coliseum.

It's a wonderful workplace, well served by public transport, with recreation facilities ranging from swimming pools to tennis courts, 24/7 armed private security and a conference building inside the private park - which when need arises, becomes a great green screen or motion capture studio.


Some pictures from the studio: work stations, makeup zone, waiting room, green screen

The Expertise

VFX Wizard's core business is B2B consulting and can provide development of graphics software, either stand alone or as plugins and scripts, for all the major platforms and APIs as well as iOS custom solutions for video and film production.

Although this is not the main focus of the company, VFX Wizard can also provide white label services in: orchestration, sound design, compositing, rendering, character design and rigging.

VFX Wizard operates also B2C, providing classroom based training courses, and -since 2008- online courses. The custom-developed online learning system, vfxwizard.com, currently hosts more than 150 hours of video training lessons.


Please use the form in Support page to email. You can also reach us by regular mail at:
VFX Wizard srl
Via Andrea del Castagno 22/24
00142 Rome Italy